Sunday, December 11, 2011


day #13

I have discovered "Pinterest"....!
I do believe this will end in countless hours of inspiration or....
countless hours of wasted time just looking @ photos.

This weekend has been pretty good, last night I accomplished 2 things from my "Things to do before Christmas" {Hoooray}

N. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, watch it.

W. Watch "A Christmas Story"

It was nice to watch some movies, eat pizza & mocha cheesecake & be creative.
Since my discovery of Pinterest my creative juices are going into overdrive & I am dying to do lots & lots of creative, crafty things.
Last night I made 6 necklaces {which is pretty good}
{my process}

I am frustrated, I love the look of Bokeh
but I can not figure out how to do it...I have found tutorials but my camera does not seem to do what the
tutorials say it should. Maybe my camera is just "special" or maybe I am just "special". I have had that camera for almost 5 years & I still learn new things about it.
Anyway, I will keep trying.

bokeh bokeh. bokeh Bokeh! bokeh Bokeh
(*Photos found on Pinterest*)

I am dying to know how to do this {on my camera} in such a lovely way,
so if you know how to do this on an {OLYMPUS e-500} please explain to me...
I need directions & pictures...pretty please!
So, I might have just figured it up tomorrow {hopefully}
& we shall see.

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