Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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day #16.2

*Someone please tell me you get this! I find it too humorous to keep to myself.*

I made Christmas cookies! Never before have I made them myself, in fact the last few years I hadn't been involved at all. Years ago, when I was younger, making Christmas cookies was a B.I.G. thing, it was an all out activity. Since I was home schooled we could do this whenever we had the time. My mom would put on a {tape} of Christmas music, usually Kenny Rogers or Sandi Patty (her Christmas album from the 70's). This was fun, my mom would get aggravated because we (my two siblings & I) would get impatient & want to roll out the dough, or we would eat the dough. Eventually things would just get crazy, regardless it was fun.

Yesterday I made the cookie dough, my mom had about 4 recipes for sugar cookie dough, I found what looked like the best 2 & decided to make both to see which I preferred. Recipe #1 I cut in half because I didn't need {dozens} of cookies.

I found that recipe #2 was better, not as sticky, because I had minimal time yesterday & the dough had to chill, timing worked out perfectly because today I had time to do the cookies.
The cookies below are
Peppermint Sugar Cookies
I used a regular sugar cookie recipe then before baking I topped with crushed candy cane. After the cookies baked & cooled I frosted with peppermint frosting & topped with sprinkles & crushed candy cane.
They look so pretty!
While I made the cookies I listened to Kenny Rogers & Sandi Patty, just like I did when I was younger....took me back.

Yesterday I started making a wreath, I bought small ornaments from the dollar store (about 4 packs of 15 & 1 pack of 5) & I attached them to a wire coat hanger. To attach them I twisted the hanger apart, the ornaments just slide right on. I had my hot glue gun to glue any extras or if there was a malfunction with the ornaments.

I ran out of ornaments so I had to get 2 more packs (of 15), after it was full I re-twisted the hanger together.
....lo & behold, a wreath!
More Bokeh photos.
I went over to my friends house tonight &
was able to try a few more shots using the bokeh effect.

*{My Fav!}*
It looks like the light bubbles are spilling out of the cup.

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