Sunday, December 4, 2011

the church.

day #6

Sunday, I don't really know what to say about today.
It was tiring, fun at moments.
Not very restful.
Church was ok.
I hate that church was just "ok"...
In no way is this a bash against my church, church family or Pastor.
My church (family) is friendly & welcoming...
Yet I go week after week because...
I have friends there &
It's expected of me,
I am a little afraid of leaving because...
I don't want others to think ill of me
& I don't where else I would go to church.
I can't leave without really trying to change things.
Part of my problem might be a heart issue.
Sometimes when I leave my church I don't know why I went,
I hate that. I desire so much to be feed way more then what I am,
but I don't know where to find that spiritual food.
My church is traditional in many ways.
It has many good, talented people;
but yet it seems lacking in passion & vision.
I would love to see a revival spark.
My idea of a good church would be:
-A church that has a mission, as a body unified through Christ they are headed towards a goal that is Biblical, they know their mission & each part of the Body (the church) does their part.
-The leadership is unified, a team that is in tune & walking faithfully with the Lord. They are strong leaders who are passionate about the mission of the church but more importantly, the work for the Kingdom. They show humility, wisdom & discernment through teaching & discipleship to develop holistic, spiritual growth.
-The body of Christ is warm & welcoming, there is fellowship among the believers. They are there for each other to help each other out so no one is in need. They are there to support, edify, encourage, love, serve, disciple, teach & pray for one another.
- Meaningful & inspirational worship that centers on God & develops community. Worship that draws the body of believers to an atmosphere of expectancy & anticipation that God is present.
-The church is growing, there is fruit for the labor & actions of the body of believers. Each believer uses their gifts to meet the needs of those in the church body & also in the community.

I don't know if a church like this exists or if I included everything I would want to see. I just think that we as the body of Christ tend to take "church" & make it something that we just "do". It becomes about customs & traditions rather than our relationship with Christ.
We get so excited about what new worship song the praise team will play rather than preparing ourselves to be drawn to the feet of our Savior. We worry about social standing & popularity, who can out do whom. I think it is time for the church to step back, take a look at their body & see if each part is doing the job it was made for.

"Oh God, move in this place. Work in my heart, open my eyes to the things I don't see. Show me how to love like you have loved me. Let the church arise to the calling that You have placed on us as followers of You. I want to go deeper! Take me down off the surface & help me to dive deeper into my relationship with You. I want to know You better. I want every moment of my life to bring you glory.
God, I give you my thoughts.
God, I give you my actions.
God, I give you my future & I trust that You know best.
That You have a plan for me that was carefully crafted for me.
Help to give each part of every day to You for Your work to be done.
May I be a light to someone each day.
Give me the desire to seek renewal & revival.
Give me a new heart for Your Word, Your work & Your people.
Change my heart attitude, may I do everything to please You & bring you glory.
Let the foundation of my life be made strong through You.
Be my cornerstone & my strength."

*1 Corinthians 3:10-15/

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  1. I've had this up for several days waiting for a time that I could sit down and focus on just writing you a response instead of the three million academic things I had to do before finals week. I'm so sorry, Bethany. Having a stagnant church life sucks.

    I've thought a lot about being the church lately, and written about it a few times too. And I wonder if the list you have for what you want in a church is a checklist we should against ourselves, because we are the church. I wish I had known that when I was in the church I felt was stagnant, but I am thankful I know it now.

    I will be praying for you, for strength, for courage, for revival in your heart that spills out to create a revival in those around you.