Saturday, December 17, 2011

day #19

Last night & tonight have been good. I spent time with my friend Heather.
We had sushi {YUM}....

ate Christmas cookies...

we did crafty things & watched "Miracle on 34th Street" & "Nacho Libre".

I am so thankful to know Heather, I met her several years ago when we were both seniors in high school. Both of us were homeschooled & involved in the same home-school co-op graduation ceremony & orchestra co-op. We graduated with a class of 10. Out of those 10 people, Heather is the only one I really have contact with. {BTW I graduated in 2006, so it really hasn't been that long}. Anyway, I am so glad for the friendship I have with Heather, few people can I relate to so well. We seem to be in similar seasons at the moment. We are very different & had very different life experiences but our current "season" seems very similar. Yay for the friends God puts in your life!

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