Monday, December 19, 2011

snazzy jazzy

This past summer my sister went to South Africa as an intern for Impact Africa.

While she was there she became really close to the 6 other interns. Out of the 7 interns there 3 were just summer interns & the other 4 were year-long interns.

They had a load of fun together & the girls made an agreement to do a Christmas card competition. They each would do a Christmas card & send it to the guys who would judge & pick the winner.

So I got involved because my sister needed my skills of photography & photoshop.

She wanted to do an 80's style & somehow incorporate "have a jazzy Christmas".

So here are some pics, I think they are hilarious, she pulls off the 80's thing well. BTW she decorataed her sweatshirt herself.

She showed the sweatshirt to our mom who said "Its not that ugly",

my sister responded "no"

*And the final draft & chosen one to send....

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