Saturday, December 10, 2011

I am grateful for...

day #12

1. God & His great goodness, faithfulness, love, provision, protection, I am very grateful to serve a God who is real & true, just & merciful.
2. Gods word & those who teach, explain, understand, claim, preach & live by it.
3. My family, they are supportive & they love me.
4. My health.
5. The jobs that God has provided for me, some He has practical dropped into my lap. I know of people who search & search for a job, they are left searching for a long time yet God has been gracious to me, especially in the area of job hunt.
6. The hope and resurrection from grief, disappointment, loss & heart break that comes with life in Christ.
7. My fabulous friends...God has given me many godly people that I call
8. My Church & the friendships I have, it may not be exactly what I want in a church right now but God is good & uses His people to be a blessing in my life.
9. Godly people God has placed in my life.
10. Greek....I have loved, loved, loved taking Biblical Greek at Great Lakes Christian College. I have made new friends & had new opportunities because of it.
11. a CAR!!!! I just bought a car (by the grace & mercy of God) I am so very thankful for that.
12. Music...I so wish I were a song writer, I have written a few in my day but they aren't fantastic. I love how I can hear a song & think "That is what I wanted to say in a song, wow they did it so much better then I ever could!"
13. Gods heart for me, it is fantastic.
14. Lessons I have learned from heartbreak, disappointment.
15. Creative ideas & thoughts, they are so much fun!
16. Tea, how I adore thee!
17. My new love for coffee, Oh Biggby & Starbucks I adore thee also.
18. Barnes & Noble, a good tea drinking, look @ magazine, hang out place.
19. Music online. S.P.O.T.I.F.Y. you are fantastic!
20. Pictures. I could look at pictures all day...and night, so many beautiful things.
21. My camera & new things to try.
22., Internet, spend way to much time using it but it is so helpful.
23. Good food! Sushi, chocolate, cheesecake, soup, Panera (I love the jalapeno & cheddar bagel!)
24. Awesome opportunities...
25. Volunteering at Acquire The Fire, such a cool thing & great experience to see teens/young adults & adults worshiping & praising God!
26. Shoot Out in May! (really built my see pics go to my "photography" tab)
27. Lecrae concert in September, by far the B.E.S.T. concert I have ever been to
28. The chance to meet Brandon Heath & Britt Nicole, go to their concert & take photos, which are leading to other opportunities.
29. That I get to work with some of my good friends!
30. My job, I don't love it always, but I work in a Christian environment & that is Christ centered, that is very encouraging. I know that if something is going on in my life they will be a support & encouragement & lift me up in prayer.
31. Etsy/Blogspot/Tumblr...I always find some sort of idea or inspiration.
32. Christian bloggers who are real & legit in their faith & walk with the Lord. I love how diverse those bloggers are, seeing what each of you do gives me something to strive for; to look at who I am & how God made me & finding how I can use that for Him.
33. Those who create Christian media {books, movies, music, magazines, websites, blogs, etc.}

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