Saturday, December 3, 2011


day #5.2

Today I have felt the abundance of Gods goodness!

God is good.

Some days I know that to be true but don't feel it, feeling it is so greatly needed. It is that touch, hand on the shoulder letting me know that He is still there.

1st-New opportunity came up & I am hoping that it leads to more opportunities like it.

2nd- Progress was made on something that I have been working towards, praying for & hoping for, I am praying God will carry this to completion.

Today I had the City Rescue Mission Christmas Luncheon, it was neat to see all the staff there.

Those who have gone through the transformation program or who have been transforom by God through other ways & are now walking with the Lord, freed from the temptaion & addiction that once held them captive.

They all have such hearts for the Lord & His people, I feel like I lack in that area.

"Oh God, may I pour out into others the gifts & abilities You have given me. Allow me to be a light for You every day & bring You glory in all I do. Give me peace, guidance & direction to be the women You want me to be & to make the choices You want me to make. May I walk in Your light & celebrate the freedom from bondage that You have given me."

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