Monday, December 26, 2011

day #28

I love taking pictures at Christmas time, glitter, lights...

I didn't go to midnight mass Christmas Eve, my church service was longer then I anticipated. Christmas Eve was really good, played games, spent time with friends, went to church.

This season has given me so many ideas of what to do when/if I have a family someday. Ways to celebrate Advent, activities to do with the family, things to make/bake/cook...

The day after Christmas always seems to be such a shock. A good, solid month of thinking, prepping, shopping, baking... for only one day. When it is done, it is almost as it you say "well what now?" I find it very easy to slip into the mindset of looking foward to things so greatly that when they are over I feel so utterly disappointed. I try to be content with things & not place my expectations of things so high. This year wasn't my ideal, but a lot would have to happen for it to be.

{What the roads looked like...}

{What I wished that had looked like...}

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