Friday, December 9, 2011

guess what?

Day #11

I am Bell Tire with my dad getting tires & an alignment....on what you ask?
My new car! I am beyond grateful for how God provides for me & my family.

In May my car died :( for about a year I had mechanical issues on & off for a year. Finally in May something happened & I made a decision to have it taken away to the junk yard. Sooo for the last 7 months I have been driving vehicles that are my parents. {I am thankful for them & thier generosity & willingness to work with me & help me out}
In October my sisters car died, so than the serious car search began. I looked on craigslist & dealerships & other online locations. My budget was limited & I wasn't sure what I wanted. My dad has been so patient with me & so helpful. I know very little about cars & what to look for. In my mind I wanted a cute,small car that gets good gas mileage & runs well. As we looked I found some I liked & emailed or called. I tell you what I can spot a fake car ads on Craigslist so fast now! Out of so many emails I sent more than half were fake...I can't believe that people fall for those ads. Throughout the search I have had many disappointments, I would find something & get excited just to be let down. We had found a 2003 red Ford Focus 4 door hatchback & I loved it! My friends dad (body shop mechanic) checked it out & said it was good
& i called the guy saying i was extremely interested. Over the weekend someone else put a deposit on it so come Monday I called & it had sold, talk about disappointing.
Oh by the way this whole time I am sharing a vehicle with my sister.
So we continue to look, find this or that.
At this point I just still really wanted a car like "the one that got away" & I couldn't find one anywhere. So we keep looking find something, go look at it then be disappointed.
But God is faithful in my disappointment, God is good in my discouragement, God is always has a plan when I feel hopeless.
I was honestly starting to think it was never going to happen, that I would be stick in the same position forever. However my timing was not Gods & He did provide in the right time.

Long story short... Found a car on craigslist, sent an email, Dad called, Dad seemed pretty pumped, we went to see it, liked it, put a deposit down, had mechanic look at it 2 days later, some repairs were needed (tires, battery & other things). With the repairs that were needed the car was too much, but we prayed about it & talked to the seller & he reduced the price by $800!

Yesterday we went to get the car, went to the insurance company & Secretary of State, all of that went pretty quickly. So I now own a 2001 Black Ford Focus, 4 door sedan! It is so pretty & I love it.
I am so thankful & excited!

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  1. God is so good, and always faithful to provide. And how sweet of Him that it is not only a car that works, but a car that you love!