Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Christmas thoughts...

day #20

The Sunday before Christmas, where has the time gone? I feel like just yesturday I was on the beach, getting burnt.Lots of things are happening, special services at church, party plans, family get-togethers.
I am grateful for this time of year, to have something to look forward to, special events & activities. I think I look forward to or put a lot of meaning into things, then it comes or happens & its over, I get disappointed easily. Generally I think the very best of people/things/situations & often the end result is not what I had pictured.
I sat in church tonight listening to the choir sing the lovely songs of the cantata watched my friends, thinking about what was going on in their lives at this moment. One of my best friends {who is younger then me} is married to the oldest Pastors son, he is a great guy, talented, wise, godly...she is 7 months pregnant & adorable as all get out. I love her dearly, but I look at her & think "how did I miss that boat, the get married & have kids boat?"
Contentment is something I struggle with at so many moments in my day. With each new activity that comes with the Christmas season my heart is drawn to the longing that I have for a family of my own. A house, husband, kids & a dog...starting traditions, being together, loving God & loving each other. My heart longs for that time...
I have so many ideas of things I would want to's crazy!

Anyway, on a lighter note...this morning I remembered a song I had written/recorded a couple of years ago. I found it on my laptop & played it. Memories came spilling by no means am I anything near a recording artist/musician/song writer...I just wrote lyrics/revised/wrote music & recorded..
Maybe I will try to get it uploaded... {*please don't expect a whole lot from it, the song needs some professional help!*}
Tomorrow should be a good day, a bit of shopping, picture taking, creativity & old Christmas movie watching, as well as 8 hours of work...hmm...

Lord be with my day tomorrow, give me grace & mercy. Give me discernment as I face the things that You will bring to me.

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