Thursday, March 28, 2013

catch up

Haven't posted in a looooong time, honestly I'm not sure what I have been doing for the last four-ish months.
December: consisted of anger & tears
January: more tears, anger and questions.
February: one word. "irritation"
March: a little more "freed" and not a lot of pruductivity.....

Like I said, I don't really know what I have been doing with my life for the last four months.

Newness is upon me however, in about a week and a half I will be road trippin to Las Vegas! Yeah!!! Super stoked about that.
Also I've got some weddings to photograph this year so thats good. My photography business has been really slow this year, nothing much is going on

*Pray the Lord sends me people who need my services*

[pho - tog - ra - phy] I've been experiencing some twists & turns in my thoughts, dreams & desires in this area. I've been doing photography for about 7 years now & have really enjoyed it, yet in the last few months I haven't had the passion for it. I feel God is has been turning "my future" in another direction. Taking pictures is great, people are cool to work with & all but when i sit down & think about it, photography is kind of a waste of time...if there is no purpose behind it. I understand the "a purpose" could be capturing moments in time so those memories are remembered, that I understand. Yet I feel like anyone can do that; but if I am a follower of Christ shouldn't I be doing something that a non-follower can't do? For awhile I've known that I wanted to use this talent/skill God gave me for His good purpose and for the furtherment of His kingdom. I don't know what that looks like but I am willing to pursue it.

I have a Greek, exegetical paper looming. I'm just auditing so there  isn't any "good grade stress" & I probably don't even have to do it, but what is the point of the class if I don't do the work required. So anyways, I will be studying Romans 8:1-11, & parsing & doing word studies for the next weeks to come -