Behind the B

"in the midst" title comes from Zephaniah 3:17,
in the midst of everything God is there,
big & small.

I am Bethany.twenty-three.
Follower of Jesus.
Lover of beautiful & Jesus.
  I don't really have a mustache, it's just my disguise.
I break out my ghetto girl voice often (*Gurrll!). 
I like zebras. 
Madea movies rock my socks.

I like cleaning.
Greek is fun.
I hate being photographed.
The sprinkler is about my only dance move,
but I OWN it, like a boss!

Came to know Jesus at the age of 3
Grew up homeschooled, the middle of 3.
Started playing piano as a kid...I don't read music very well, 
I just sit & play what comes.
I play violin as well, 
not as much of a love as it once was.
Loves singing.
Went to community college for basics & photography
An artistic & creative soul, 
design, decor & pretty things are a passion
likes sushi, beaches, mustard yellow {hence the scarf}