Thursday, December 15, 2011

day @ daycare

Day #17
Today has been busy! I sub @ a daycare (I worked @ this daycare for about 5 years, I quit in June but I sub every now & then) today I was with the 4yr old class, I am pretty sure it's my favorite age group. Out of the 5 kids I worked with today 4 of them I took care of when they were babies in the infant room & when they were in the 2yr old room & the 3yr old room. We made a gingerbread train, it looks really jacked up.
*FYI I put the train together, the kids put the candy on. {I have never built a gingerbread anything, hence the disgruntlement of the train}. I called the train "The Special Express".
I love working with these kids, in the last six months I have gotten more tough. Being a daycare teacher makes me long for the days when I have kids of my own & we can do projects, read books, cook & have fun.
Tomorrow I am subbing again in the same class, I am excited!
Friday is movie day & I am taking some of my favorite books:
Olivia Saves the Circus, Bear in Underwear & Bear in Long Underwear!
For now that is all...

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