Friday, December 2, 2011

Daycare. Rio & Jesus. sprinkler. Madrigals.

day #5

Oooh today was pretty good.
I sub at the daycare that I had worked at for 5 years, today I was in the 4 yr old room all day.
I kind of miss being a daycare teacher.
The 4 yr olds are one of my favorite ages.
They still have a little "baby" to them yet they don't have to be changed/fed or helped a lot.
They can do projects & can understand & have conversations.
We did group time, did an craft project, played outside, had our movie day, lunch & rest time.

Below is something that happened today, pretty funny stuff.

While watching Rio (cartoon movie, story is set in Brazil) at daycare with 3 & 4 year old children, a little boy saw the Jesus statue & said "It's Jesus, where is the cross?" I asked him "Is Jesus still on the cross?" he said "No" so I said "well there you have it." Then the kids were saying Jesus is in our heart, I said "You have to ask Him to be in your heart, then He will be" a little girl said "I'm Jesus" I said "No you aren't" She said "You have to ask me to be in your heart", I asked "What would you say" she said "I would say no". I responded "Well that tells me you are not Jesus, if you asked Jesus to be in your heart, He would not say no."

I also taught the kids how to do the sprinkler, they loved it....I told them to go home & show their parents what they learned at daycare.

Yeah... it was a good day.


Tonight I got all dolled up & went to madrigals. Great Lakes Christian College puts the madrigals on every year. It is a dinner theater of sorts, Renaissance era. I have friends who have been in it, I went four years in a row, skipped last year but went this year. My friend Jerod was singing in it. Tonight was great because I knew people who were in the drama & serving. I sat with some good friends & the food & wassail was great!

God has blessed me, so much! I forget, so easily how truly blessed I am. God is good.

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