Tuesday, December 6, 2011


day #8

I work at a homeless shelter for women & children. It is a Christian organization with emloyees who are all believers. We work together to share the gospel, the love of Christ & help these women by meeting their needs. However we have rules, guidelines & we are strict. If they do not follow the rules & guidelines they get a reminder or reprimand depending on the severity of the infraction. When 3 reprimands are received the guest is given a leave notice & can not return for 60 days. Those among other rules are expected to be followed. When each guest comes they read our guidelines & agree to follow the rules we had laid out. Yet everyday guests come to us & complain about something they don't want to do or some issue they have with the rules. Even though they have all read & agreed to follow them.
My compassion for people in need is growing yet I am so frustrated when I constently hear complaints about what is going on at this facility. The majority of the guests seem to think the staff is out to get the & that we want them to be miserable & that we are double standard. Honestly if you don't want to follow the rules, then leave we are not keeping you here. But leaving will have consequences (like not being able to come back for 60 days). The guests seem to think that this is their home, in a way I suppose it is a home of sorts. It is not their home though, if they get to comfortable than why make an effort to get out? Why try to find housing or a job when you can stay here for free as long as you follow a few rules?

This is just me venting. My co-workers & I all love the Lord & we are committed to serving Him. Our goal is to show these ladies the love of Christ, but it is hard when ones level of compassion doesn't go as high as it should. I like working on the family floor much better because I love kids & there isn't as much drama or attitude. My level of compassion is greater for the families, I don't know why...it just is.

Sitting here this afternoon & hearing all the complaining & snarky comments just make me sad. I thought about going to talk to them but I didn't have the right words or heart attitude to start something. What I guess I need to do is pray over the time at work before I start. Commit the time to the Lord & ask that I would be gracious, merciful & compassionate to those I am serving.

God, be merciful to me. My attitude has not been very Christlike this afternoon. Broaden my scope give me a greater compassion & servant attitude. May I serve You with a humble heart. Come & fill this place with Your spirit. Make Yourslef known to these women, that they might see You & know You. That they see & believe Your truth & go Your way.

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  1. Oh, friend. I'm sorry. Frustration at work can be the worst, particularly when it's something you're passionate about. I have had to pray for strength and compassion and self-control at work, too. I work at a tutoring center and some of our kids and one of my coworkers require a LOT of patience! {& I don't have much of that.} I will be praying for you, for compassion, for a servant's heart, for humility. He will give you His strength to keep serving faithfully!