Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday, the 10th of the 1st

Tuesday, well no Greek today :(
I went to class but found out that it was not the right one. I signed up for Greek 2 rather then Beginning Greek 2. The class I am suppose to be in is M/W afternoons, so with a bit of prayer & working around a work schedule I am able to take the class. HOORAY!

In a recent post I stated that I was trying to crochet, well that hasn't gone well but I will keep at it. I started knitting again. Pretty much my resme of knitting includes a scarf {that I didn't even finish myself} & many atemepts at various projects. So below is a photo of what I am working on, well it's similar mine is kind of my own design.

Pinned Image

Made some smoothies today, seriously...I have been making smoothies like they are GOING.OUT.OF.STYLE! {photos will come tomorrow}

Today it is like 50 degrees outside....
January in Michigan wow!
My leather seats in my car were warmed by the sun & my car smelled very nice.
{"my dear watson" air freshener by Scentsy = <3 }

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