Wednesday, January 4, 2012

day #35
Meeting at work today where I learned some very shocking news. Evidently a few of the guests have made a "Most Feared" list & one of them was talking with the manager of the shelter & told her of this list. Now I do not know if by "Most Feared" if that really means "hated" or "respected" or "liked" however I.AM.ON.THE.LIST! I don't know how that happened, most of the time I feel like I am a pushover {maybe that's why I am on the list}. Regardless I am on it & it makes me giggle. Also another note about work: Yesterday I was on the singles floor, which is my least favorite, but it went well. Usually there is some sort of crazy, dramatic situation that I have to deal with but there was not one thankful! 

On to other things, I have been reading many different blogs & I see a lot of you are doing "What I Wore Wednesday" so I decided I would try it; but here is the deal. I will only be posting what I wore from a few days a week rather then everyday, because I work a couple days a week. I wear a uniform which isn't all that attractive but I still might post one or two. Bear with me for the quality of the photos aren't amazing.
Wednesday: Meeting at work (Womens Shelter), 
Work at daycare,
Church/youth group with the teens-young college age.

So pretty much I am representing Target. 
The purse is from Kohls everything else is Target!

Guess what? I made another smoothie, surprise!
Ingredients: A few tablespoons of frozen orange juice (concentrate), 
vanilla yogurt, 5 baby carrots, a whole orange (1/2 squeezed & the other 1/2 blended)

I found these when I was cleaning the other day.
2011 Resolution
  • Have faith with the "but"...don't doubt. {This got better, definitely felt more faith & less doubt.}
  • Listen, really truly listen! {Also this was better I believe}
  • Read more-time in Gods Word. {At times I did}
  • Improve communication skills-speech, letters, emails, cards, bills, etc. {eh...not so much with cards/letters}
  • Selflessness. {Somewhat, still have a ways to go}
  • Eat better, exercise. {Yeah right...maybe at the beginning of the year}
  • Spend less money on frivelous things. {HA! the first half of the year maybe}
  • Trust, surrender, humility. {It's possible}
  • Find joy & peace in the Lord. He is the source of love, joy, peace, acceptance. {Much more!}
  • Live at peace with family & learn how to communicate better & more effectively with them. {It was better}
I pray this year God would give me discipline to accomplish the goals & that He would help me see which ones aren't totally necessary. Time management!

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