Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cleaning up! Wednesday, the 11th of the 1st

Notes as I do stuff, today it's cleaning...

I love to throw things away! Of course I am sentimental about things but in the end I really love seeing a trash bag full of junk to throw away....I get a little giddy.

Found photoshop text books from college, I saved a few thinking I would use them someday...nope I haven't. I barely used them when I was in school. I am going to sell them on ebay..hopefully.
{BTW If by chance you need/want any of these books LET.ME.KNOW}

Oh my! I hate when I find things I wrote when I was a teenager, I want to gag. I was always writing down something somewhere so I never know where I will find something. so embarrassing! oh silly 16 year old me.

I did it again, made a smoothie, oh my lanta its good. I should have a smoothie shop. That would be so awesome! I would do a mixology class but I don't drink alcohol. I love making drinks!
Oh my gosh I am drinking this fast, it's cuz its sooooo good! (In 5 minutes)

I have had a box of stuff to donate in my attic and it keeps piling up, I finally took it and put it in my car. It will get to Goodwill, maybe today maybe not; but it is not coming back into the house.

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