Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

day #33

So here is a bit of a sneak peak of what I did on New Years Eve...

One of my good friends got married & I had the honor of being her photographer! For as long as I have known Kim, she has always been camera shy. I could hardly ever catch a good photo of her. However, last night I was able to take many photos of her looking so glam! I can't wait to finish all the others!

New Years was pretty good, the wedding was very nice & I even had the chance to break it down on the dance floor....*caugh* I mean spaz on the dance floor. Regardless it was a fun event, followed by a short party at another friends house. Minor incidents & all....As I was walking up to my friends door someone back into my new car :(Needless to say, I was uhhh upset but my car is ok & the guy was no where near a jerk. So I am thankful that I didn't hit someone, that there wasn't damage other then scratches & a small hole in the front bumper! Praise the Lord! The small party was fun, rang in the new year with some very dear friends! *New Years Goals are coming, I have lists in different places, but I will gather my thoughts & document them!

May your new year be filled with lessons & blessings from God. Draw near to Him, rejoice, pray & give thanks!


  1. Love love love!!! <3 Im in love with your picture taking =]

    1. Aww thank you!!! You are sweet! Makes me feel so tickled! I have a link to my photography website {it needs updating though}