Saturday, January 28, 2012

This day has been something a way I guess.
I went to the gym..again, the second day in a row! I joined a gym this week and so far I like going. "Get more excercise" wasn't on my "New Years Resolutions" list but it looks like that actually might happen.

I had a "heat-to-heart" with my mom today, it was needed. Too much frustration & crying on my part lately. BTW the "heart-to-heat" included a hug...wich is sooooo wierd. My family...we are NOT huggers with each other. Other then if someone is going away for awhile....It's just wierd.

Fasting...well I have had slips, some on purpose..ok well most on purpose. I need to get back on the wagon & pray for strength & resistence to temptation! Please pray with me!

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