Wednesday, February 15, 2012


On Wednesday nights I co-lead youth group with my married friends Grace & Geno.
The group ranges from 11-23 plus us three leaders. Every week our group does prayer requests and we all pray. Every other week we do a Bible study where we split into two groups, guys & girls.
Tonight was a little crazy, a lot more people there then normal.
My friend Grace is over due and people think its funny (when I get there and she is not) to try to convince me that she had her baby. Her husband is unrelenting about this, for as long as I have known him he likes to play tricks on me. Tonight the whole room of people tried to get me to believe him. I did not fall for it {I've learned his tricks}. I know she will call me and tell me, she would not let me find out from everyone else.
After that they were doing prayer requests and it was mentioned that my friend Amanda is now engaged (the one whose engagement was announced Sunday morning) there were three girls who did not believe that she was, they kept saying "you're joking"...
The youngest of the three was sitting by me asking me a lot of questions. She asked how old I was and she was like "wait you're not engaged?" then she asked when I was getting engaged to this one kid (who is like 5 or 6 years younger then me) she preceded to suggest guys in the room that I could go out with...all of whom were younger then me... [rolling eyes].
The rest of the time she would make comments, like "I thought you would be the next one to get married"
Oh gosh it's like injury to insult, salt to the wound....
Leave it to an 11 year old girl to make you feel kinda crappy...  It's like thanks young lady, you don't think I know that a girl who is 4 years younger then me is getting married?
 and to a guy that I use to like, 3-4yrs ago, however I am totally ok with that. I am NOT hanging on to that still, honestly!
Thank goodness for the eye roll. :)
and Jesus.
and the ability to ignore.
and change of subjects.
and that I can laugh about it.
and Jesus.
and friends.
and Jesus!

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