Sunday, February 12, 2012

Say what?

This morning at church I found out that two of my good friends (Aaron & Amada) are engaged!
They had been courting since October & are to be married in September.
I was shocked because I work with Amanda and she didn't say a word last night. So far this year there are 3 weddings, two that I am photographing & thiers... so exciting!
It is so strange to have my friends engaged, getting married & having babies....I don't feel like this should be happening yet. Maybe because it feels so far off for me, in my mind I think everyone else is waiting too...HAHA yeah right! Anyway, exciting things are everyone else. I suppose to me too but those are below the surface, Abram type of stuff... God has promised me that He has a plan, a hope & a future. He is working on me even though I don't see it or comprihend how my dreams & desires will ever come to pass.

I have always dreaded the day when my friends would start getting engaged, married & have babies & I would be left with my mouth open in shock pouting because it's not my turn yet...  I am sure every young women who is single goes through this. What makes it worse is that when I was a teenager I read all sorts of romance books, you know those "Christian contemporary fiction" where the girl is in her mid-late twenties, single, hopeless romantic, a christian. She goes to church  and everytime a new guy comes she does the ring check {to see if he is available} & the whole book she is faking contentment just so she "gets her prince" & by the end everything is happy & she gets the guy. Yeah that will NOT be me. I  gave up reading those years, years ago.... In a way I believe books like that (or the Christian equivelent of harlequin romance novels) are "Christian porn" it's addicting, seems safe because "It's Christian"....but in the end it still gives an unrealistic ideal.

*BTW I don't know when this turned into a "rant" it really wasn't the intention.

Thank goodness for Gods plans! Mine would make the world explode I am sure!
Anyway... I can't think of anything else at the moment.


  1. Oh wedding season...I have two this month and I have already been to two this year!
    Keep your head up, your time will come (lord willing) and it will be perfect. It will be just the way He has planned and you or course know that. God has you where you are because it brings Him the most glory, so keep encouraging other single girls along the way. :)


  2. Oh, I agree. There are times when I have to just stop reading Christian romance novels because it's discouraging me. And they do often portray unrealistic ideals - something we need to be cognizant of when we read them!