Saturday, February 11, 2012

Looking back

After a 21 Day Fast I didn't see what I had hoped. Life is like that, things are never what one expects.
I chose to fast from watching movies and from eating sweets, within the first few days I saw how dependant on movies I was and how much I L.O.V.E. sweets. Durring these three weeks I joined a gym, that helped a bit with the sweets "cravings". I have really enjoyed going to the gym {I went 6 times this week, Mon.-Sat.). For some reason my attituded during this time was on a roller coaster, up & down, I feel so crazy! I really don't know what God showed me durring this time other then the fact that I am too dependant on movies & sweets. In so many ways I feel more lost now then ever, my discipline really isn't much better but there is grace in the arms of God... I want to do another fast someday...but go into it with a better understanding & greater heart to seek the Lord*

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