Monday, February 20, 2012


My weekend was good. I was able to go visit my friend
{she only lives like maybe an hour away, but visits seem hard to fit in...I need to work on that}
Getting away was nice.
A change of pace was something I so desperately needed.
Experiencing something different was so A.W.E.S.O.M.E!
My friend lives in Flint and goes to an intercity church, she has told me so much about it.
Finally I was able to go with her. It was different, it met in a bar, there was no music and the sermon was probably 90 minutes long.....but I.LOVED.IT.
The pastor was great, has such a heart for the Lord and the furtherment of the Kingdom.
With each new day I have come to realize that my perception of things is so wierd.
I asked my friend what I should wear to her church
{at my church I usually dress up skirt or dress pants, that is the way it has always been.}
She told me whatever, jeans and a nice top. I was discussing this with my mom and she made a statement that really made me think.
She said "I wonder when dressing up became the norm for church? In Bible times Christiatns were at 'church' everyday, they probably just wore normal clothes. I bet it started when people went to church for show rather then to worship God"
......WOW! Yeah that makes sense, since when did going to church mean we had to wear our very best. Who are we trying to fool? I think I put more effort into figuring out what I wear to church then what my heart is like.

When my friend told me that this church didn't do music, I thought that was so strange. I thought "no music, no worship time? Wierd". She explained to me that they didn't have anyone at the moment who could fully commit to do music with excellence. I went in thinking it might be a tad strange but I left feeling refreshed and wanting more.
Since when did "worship Jesus/worship time" mean just music, sing a modern "worship" song or a hymn and it will get you in the mood....that is the only way to worship.
Wow how misguided. How many churches are missing so many opportunities because they focus on just music and what they consider "worship" time. It reminds me of a book I have that was written by David Crowder. It's called "Praise Habit" the basic jist of the book is talking about forming a habit or life of praise and worship. Taking  our worship to Jesus out of just a 20-30 minute music time at church, or a few minutes of a new Hillsong song.

I love music.
Music draws me to the Lord in a way that nothing else can, it effects me and brings me to a stronger belief and faith in God.
but is that really ok?
To a certain extent it is, but I have been thinking....
If my worship to God is dependant on music (a certain kind of music or a certain song) what would I do if it was taken away or destroyed? What would I do if I couldn't hear anymore? Or if I couldn't see? Or read?
Would I cease to worship my God?
Where is my treasure?
Where is my heart?
{This is was the sermon was on, where your treasures lie}

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