Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Shower...

A couple of weeks ago I was asking for ideas for a baby shower, I am finally going to share what I did.

The theme was safari.
I made this card & am quite proud of it!

*Baby Face* game
I had intended to use photos of the mom & dad to-be but the ones that I was given would quite work. 
After some creative thinking I came up with my own version.
The baby photos I used came from Microsoft Word clip art photos.
I had 7 or 8 different baby photos that I printed 6 of each then cut out the face parts. (eyes, nose, mouth)
I had 24 sets that included: 2 sets of eyes, 2 noses & 2 mouths, some had a few "spare" parts.
(*If you want these photos or game pieces email me & I'll be glad to get them to you)

This game was super fun, each lady or group had to agree on a name, age, first word & favorite toy for the baby. The mom to be picked the one she liked best.

The menu for the shower was soup, bread & cupcakes.
I knew there would be a variety of soup so I wanted a creative way to label them.

I had photos to use that I couldn't use for the game so I scanned them & edited them to look similar to Polaroids. Figuring out how to make them into centerpieces & get them to stand upright was hard. I had an idea but I couldn't find what I needed. I went from {Plan A-Plan G}
Finally after playing around I used two mini clothespins, wire, sucker sticks & a bow.
To write on the photo I used a dry-erase marker.
The same photo is used on both sides.

On another blog I saw an idea for a guestbook, she used a tree & had guests put their finger prints on it as the leaves then was giving it to the mom for the babys room.
I loved that idea & wanted to do that, but as I got thinking a lion sounded really cool.  I thought "how do I get a lion?" My friend (who will be the uncle of the baby) is a great artist so I asked him to draw a lion.
I didn't want it cartoony or too scary & I wanted him to sign it. 
He gave me permission to copy it so it wouldn't smear the pencil.
He did such a fantastic job!
I'm thinking Aslan!

Orange & yellow ink worked great for the mane!

So fantastic!

The mommy to be.

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