Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recent Photo Shoot

K. Scott (a.k.a. Desmond LeVox)
A Michigan local, new, Christian artist.
The story of how this shoot came to be is pretty awesome!
Last October I attended a Brandon Heath/Britt Nicole concert (click here to see the concert photos).
A local radio station had a contest to win breakfast with Brandon & Britt. 
My best friend and I had a joke about Brandon Heath,
I convinced her to enter and we waited.
Long story short she was one of the winners and I got to go with her.
So we went to the breakfast with them....
we also ended up going to the sound check session and 
were able to sit in the front row, of course I had my camera.
I took so many photos, edited and posted them on Facebook 
(including the Brandon Heath & Britt Nicole pages).
Through those photos people added me as friends on FB.
Including K. Scott.
He added me, 
messaged about about how he saw my photos and liked them.
He had been at the concert as well.
He then asked me about scheduling a photo shoot.
Shoot scheduled and re-scheduled 
finally it was done.
So check the photos out! :)

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