Monday, May 28, 2012

Fundraiser overview

yesturday was a long day.
My sister and I had our fundraiser lunch for our trip to South Africa.
I was so blessed by my church family & friends.
We had so many people help us out by buying groceries we needed, making soup & salad, helping set up, serve & clean up.
I had photos for sale, all the ones I had up are in this post.

I had 5X7 & 8X10 prints available.

My friends gave me ideas for order forms,
which ended up being a great idea!


(set of photos-can do any size)

I was so blessed by the people in my church.
My pastor bought one of every print.

There are some people who don't realize I do photography,
so some people were asking where we got the photos.
When I said I did them all they seemed surprised. :)
Anyway, all my worries were put to rest.
God blessed  & provided.
My sister and I are now closer to our goal!
We still are praying for about $3000.
Please pray with us about this.

Also, these prints are available for sale.
If you are interested in any of them comment or email me at:

All the proceeds for these photos go towards the trip to Africa.

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