Saturday, May 5, 2012

Say what?

Thursday I was doing a senior session, it's amazing how much advice people give you while shooting, almost like they look at you a& before speaking to you they say "Man I just have to tell them to pose like this & do that, it would make it" (they then visualize it and think "NAILED IT") then this stranger opens thier mouth to give you their oh so very "helpful" advice.{I apologize for this bluntness}
[BTW clients with pose ideas or friends with ideas who aren't over enthusiastic are fine, in fact I welcome that]
I understad the "strangers" are trying to be helpful & in a way it's sweet...however when I am on the job I tend to be focused on the job, I am professional in how I do things, so yes I appear professional because I am professional, thank you for seeing that! Some of this may be pride, I get that attitude of "yeah I know I'm good" {I do apologize...} in all honesty though I give praise to Jesus because He gave me a talent & skill that I love. I am always amazed at what He allows me to do with it. Of course there is a lot I wish I could do & dream of doing but if it's in His will it will be in His time.
So, that being said...I know what I'm doing, I am always learning, if I need help I ask for it. I like learning new things especially from people whose work I admire.

Also, apparently I do not know what the govenor of my state looks like.
I was photographing twin boys, we were at the Michigan State Capitol building packing up and I see two guys walk by with things in their ears, like secret service.
The boys look at me all surprised and say "that was the govenor"
(yeah I had no idea, I didn't really even see the 3rd person)
I do know the govenors last name is Synder, I'm doing ok.
[FUTURE GOAL: Pay attention better to local politics & government]

While I was photographing on of the boys on the steps of the capitol a guy walked by and asked if we wanted him to take a photo of us together.
I said "oh, no thank you. He is getting his senior photos taken"
[FUTURE GOAL 2: Apparently I need to work on looking older too!]

*{& yes I am also that person who prefers to be left alone in a store to do my thing & not be approaced by sales associates. I am not bothered if I get asked once maybe even twice but I have learned to not go to Target between 9-11am because there are so many emplyees there & they all ask if they can help you. No thanks, I know Target like the back of my hand!}


  1. LOL That sounds like me!! I hate advice when I know what I'm doing!! Especially during a photo session! Argh! How funny about the governor. So me too. I am OUT of it when it comes to that kind of stuff. Oops! I'm cracking up over the picture offer! lol Um.. yeah.... I totally have that looking younger problem. And it's always just great when people feel the need to let me know just how young they think I look. Really?! When you're younger it's not the same complement as being 50 and told you look 40! lol

    1. Agreed. Watch, when I get older I will look old. It was a funny day.

  2. Love this. I don't like unsolicited advice or store employees asking me if I need help, either. If I need either of those things, I'll ask! And I'm with you on the governor - I know it's Snyder, and that's about it!

    1. I am the same way in stores. I have learned to avoid going into Target until after 11am, before that there are too many employees...I know Target well enought thank you! lol

  3. Listening to you tell me about this day while you were writing this post was hilarious. I wish text could communicate your facial expressions. :)

    I went to target at 10am yesterday, they're all busy moving things around still. I bet you *don't* know it like the back of your hand anymore... I don't like it.