Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tomorrow is the day.

Tomorrow is the day.
Fundraiser lunch at my church.
My sister and I are going on a missions trip to South Africa in July.
Things have been so crazy and it seemed like last week we both realized we had one week until this fundraiser lunch. Kinda looked at each other and were like "AHHHHHHHH!"
Thankfully we seem to have everything together. God has blessed us with so many people to help out.
Friends & family have made soup and salad, bought groceries we needed for the dinner.
Today we slaved in the kitchen making cupcakes and bread....  I will be really glad when tomorrow is over, praying everything goes well.
Praying for many people to come and donate.
It is so hard to ask people for financial support, and I have my worried but I know God is good and will provide!
At the fundraiser lunch I will have photos for sale/auction, I have never done this before so I am again a little apprehensive. People have told me they like my photos but I get a little nervous wondering do people really want to buy my photos?
Anyway, be praying for my sister and I that we would be calm and not anxious about anything but bring things to the Lord.
Pray for the Lord to provide it great and mighty ways!

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