Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jesus, hold my heart in Your hands tonight.
I am scared my mind will wander to dangerous places.
Father I don't want to take one step out of Your will for me.
Teach me how to guard my hear & mind,
may I see my fellow brothers & sisters in Christ as You see them.
Help me to hold them in that esteem,
to pray for them,
not for selfish gain or to just think about them,
but to bring them before Your throne.
help to do nothing out of selfish gain or conceit,
but in everything esteem others better then myself.

I have struggled so much in my personal life,
how I see myself, my attitude, lack of contentment
or my self-conciousness....
In Your eyes Jesus, You see me as beautiful,
a wonderful masterpiece, Your creation.

I   F O R G E T   T H A T...

Thank you for Your grace and mercy,
may everything I do be based on what Your word says.

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