Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend away...

Last weekend, two of my good friends & I ventured to Holland, MI for a girls weekend.
One of the girls is headed to Mozambique in two weeks, she will be there the whole summer.

(Gina, Heather-Mozambique bound, & me)
I also had a lot of time to practice with my new camera!!!
It was such a nice time with my dear friends.
We had some time to walk around downtown & see the stems of "Stem Fest"
Holland has a tulip fest every year, this year the tulips came early so by the time the festival came around,
all the tulips were long gone.

As we were pulling out of the hotel driveway,
the back passenger window of my car malfunctioned, so for the rest of the trip it would slide down a tad when we drove over bumps,
slightly irritating. :(

Regardless, we had fun exploring shops and taking pictures, we were craving tacos so I looked up online & found a place, we didn't know what to expect but we went & it wasn't jenky at all! The food was great!
Later we hung out in the hotel room watching a movie/doing nails & such.

The next day Heather & I went to a gym,
it was a little jenky
& old.
I definitealy like Planet Fitness A LOT BETTER!
Saturday morning was really chill,
we got ready, had some Jesus time
(of course I had my Greek Bible)
*BTW does anyone know which passage this is?

Because it was rainy & grey we decided going to the beach (Lake Michigan) at Holland State Park wasn't going to happen. We had plans to meet up with some of my friends from Muskegon later so our plan was to explore some stores, we landed at Target....of course.

While we were there my friend texted me saying he was at the parade downtown, I was super excited about this because this friend has been at school in PA and I tend to only see him once a year (the last time was in December). Downtown we went, walked 4ish blocks in the rain, my friends were so great about ne dragging them downtown in the rain so I could see my friend. Finally found him and we stood in the rain under an umbrella chatting for over and hour, he is also a fellow Greek geek so that was great to be able to discuss that with someone who understands it. He is better at it though because he is about a semester or two ahead of me. I am not a big parade person nor would I have normally walked blocks in the rain, but to see a good friend and have great conversation about life, theology, Greek & random funny things..yes so worth it! (Friend Kris------->)

Later we didn't meet up with my other friends, which was ok because I had found a Starbucks to meet at, but it ended up being in a grocery store so that wouldn't have been an ideal place to meet up...

We ended up going to a few thrift stores
one of them was called "Africas Child" and the proceeds go towards missions in Zambia.
At a Goodwill I found Banana Republic dress pants for $3.00! Woot woot!

After wandering through there we made our way to Barnes & Noble/Starbucks.
eventually we all sat down with some coffee and a book.
We were all so different in the books we choose.
Heather had travel books.
Gina had a magazine/garfield books & also had her Bible/&Bible study book
I had a wedding photogrpahy book.
Sitting there with our books and coffee was so relaxing and nice.

I seriously love these girls so much!
They are both such wonderful, godly young women,
I am so blessed to have them as my friends.

-More later....


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  1. That sounds so fun! Holland is beautiful. I just love it.