Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love it...

Several, several days overdue, sorry!!!
Life has been crazy!

This week I am loving the tad bit of a tan I got at the beach in Holland.

This smoothie, it was good!
Yes that is a dino cup.

The girls whose feet they belong,
(more pics from Holland trip)

This cute, little cafe in downtown Holland is great!
It is called Cranes in the City...
below is what we had.

Some sort of salad with chicken, feta, manderin ornages, cranberries...

Chicken salad sandwich & chips...

Grilled cheese, chips & a pickle...

Windmill Latte, ginger, almond & cofffee.


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I don't know what I think of this, 
I like it but I don't,


funny.. funny

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