Sunday, May 6, 2012

There are days....

I found this little poem, loved it! Go check out she smiles, she writes, it is full of lovely things

There are days I dream of being a mother... but I am not selfless enough yet.
There are days I listen to music without vocals to quiet down who I am.
There are days I actually turn on the TV to see what I've missed... I flip through all the channels but nothing is interesting.
There are days when I cook and it feels like that feeling will never end... but then I won't cook for days.
There are days I need rest... but I'm awake by 8am.
There are days I'm in inspiration mode... but don't have time in it to stay.
There are days I don't talk to the Lord... those few days are not the best.
There are days one feels pretty... there are days one does not.
There are days trapped in a daydream... but reality snatches you away.
There are days for joy and laughter... they seem far in tears & pain.
There are days you had yesterday... tomorrow is not yours yet.
There are days to make sense... there are days for nonsense.
There are days I have so much to do... that I don't do.
There are days I want to blog... but I have nothing to say.
There's are days... and then there's today.
a poem, a ramble, or whatever you want to call it - by she smiles, she writes

Today I was late fore church, well sunday school...not really a huge deal but I am perpetually late every week. The one week (in the recent past) that I wasn't late was Easter, I had to be at church by 8:00 AM, I was there by 7:55 AM & why can't I get there by 9:00 AM?
I worked last night which makes it harder to get up Sunday morning, I try to rush, rush, rush but I end up frustrated, not in the right heart attitude. At one point this morning I threw my hands up (* in the air sometimes singing eh oh, got to let go*) {sorry couldn't resist} and said "this is ridiculous, I'll get there when I get there"
I really need to re-evaluate my priorities...
Oh sweet Jesus, give me the right mindset to live for You.
Make my way straight,
may I bee faithful to You in all things,
be my first love,
first thought,
first place to run!

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