Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love it...

Ok, ok home skillets, I have been a punk lately.
A very busy punk, but a punk nonetheless.
Anyways its time for a post,
a love it post,
an update post a POST!!!

I have been working on some projects for different things.
Like a garage sale for a fundraiser..I really love the posters I made for it!!


Also been working on music/lyrics slides for a training in a few weeks.

| Pinterest-ing |

The perfect pair - Chiquita Bananas and peanut butter – joins with non-fat yogurt and milk for an ultra creamy and delicious smoothie.
I am 'bout to go make this

OMG I die, I die!!!!
I have a weird love for Nacho Libre,
It's crazy!
When I read my Bible and read "brothers..."
I think of

whale bag

chevron table decor

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