Friday, June 8, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear God oh the things that You are doing! I am so thankful for the ways You provide & how You are consistently teaching me. You've given me skills and passions that I love. Only a skilled Creator could have had the forethought & ability to carry that out.
Dear Pride YOU ARE A GIANT PUNK please take a hike, this chick is the Lords & has no need/room for pride to come creeping in, thanks.
Dear Internet company thank you for finally realizing your error in sending a bad modem, I am relieved to once again posses the ability to visit the world wide inter web at my convenience. I must say it was a tad bit nice to not have the distraction though, maybe I learned something.
 Dear K though that purse call was slightly embarrassing I find it extremely funny....please don't stop talking to me because I can't rap... lol (*I can learn)
Dear Sister (J) I am thankful for your knowledge & desire to know whats up in the world of flying & fundraising, thanks for doing all you have done for our trip to South Africa, I am excited. The plane rides will be epic! Nacho & gangsta will be flying all over the place!
Dear Brother (P) I owe you a debt of gratitude...and one of $13.75...for changing the oil in my car, Olivia sends her thoughts of deepest gratitude as well.

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