Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This morning I was reading in Titus and found the above list of things to be or do.
Be obedient.
do good.
slander no one.
be peaceable & considerate.
show true humility.
{true humility...not fake..act ike your humble}

What a list.

How was I obedient today?

Did I do all that was good?

Did I avoid slander?

How was I peaceable & considerate?

Did I show TRUE humility?

I don't ask myself these questions enough or at all.
My mind is always stuck on
"Plan for success, not failure"
of course that is a good thing to live by, but at the same time my mind is always focused on efficency & productivity & I tend to loose the relational side of things.

Overview of today,
I was kind of lazy,
didn't feel like doing a whole lot.
What did I do?
Went to the gym . came home & showered . dressed . some Bible reading . ate breakfast . made food for lunch & to take to work for dinner . watched TV/movie . "edited" . ate ice cream . went to work.

That really sums up most of my days, I really need to be more intentional about life.
Not just productive but humbly serving Jesus in what I do so at the end of the day
I can go to sleep knowing I did my best for the Lord.
to obey,
do good,
not slander,
be peaceable & considerate,
and be truly humble.

*Overheard tonight*
Lady: .....hose.....
You don't know what I meant, I could have been talking about panty hose, or a garden hose.
Lady 2: You weren't...
Lady 1: Ughhh I can't find it...
Lady 2: check your blankets
Lady 1: It's not there
Lady 2: Check them!
Lady 1: I'm not gonna check it's not there
Lady 2: You have like 15 blankets, check them.
Lady 1: I do  not have that many...
Lady 2: yes you do... check it.
Lady 1: ughh....fine.
*(apparently finds it)
Thank you sweetie...
Lady 2: you're welcome
Lady 1: she a low down heffa.

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