Saturday, April 7, 2012

I need Jesus

I need prayer.
I need help from Jesus.
Someone in my life {who is rather close to me} is hurting me and those who are close to me.
This person doesn't even know realize what they are doing.
I have tried contless times to change the way I communicate with them,
yet no matter what I do I am wrong.
This person I am referring to knows Jesus & is saved.
I do not know their heart but I am saddened because I feel as though this person is in a rut.
They are so blinded by pride & selfishness,
by fear & the desire for control that they can't see the big picture.
This person is not horrible, but a sinner saved by grace still needing Jesus.
My reasons for writing this are not to point out flaws,
or the speck in their eye.
my reason is simply this...
I want change.
I want a better relationship.
I want to see love & greater spiritual leadership from the person,
{it's their job in the group of those close to me}
I hurt because this person talks down to those close to me,
this person makes those close to me sad & cry.
I want to do something about this,
confront them...but I know it will do no good.

Open this persons eyes to You!
I am terrified of someday marrying someone who will act like this,!
Father, hear my cries, work in this person,
work on their heart,
open their eyes.
Work in me,
may I be ever loving & compassionate.
Father, help me!

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