Sunday, April 1, 2012

Name change: In the midst

My new title for the blog :IN THE MIDST
{explanation below}

I have used this title before and can't seem to find one I like as much so from here on out [until I decide otherwise] my blog shall be called "In the midst", "b.hammar" will still be used unless that name changes, the URL will be the same so no worries on that...for now.

Anyway, after that sad, long, silly explanation...
I learned how to make a blogger button today!
{Thanks to Laura who asked me for it, she is so lovely, always leaves me wonderful comments}
Whoo Hooo! So that being said, go grab it and put it on your blog!


  1. Hey I like the button! ;-) And the music too! One of my favorite artists!

  2. Ooooh and by the way- the Great I Am song is seriously my favorite new worship song! I'm trying to get it added into the song of the month at church because it is so good! Reminds me that we should do it as a special sometime to introduce it! Thank you for putting it on your playlist!

    1. Thanks! I first heard that song in a chapel service at the college were I take Greek. Such a powerful song!