Friday, March 30, 2012

Whats a little rain?

This morning I said: "I wish it was sunny", today like yesterday there were gray skies...and then it rained.
I believe the weather has a lot to do with the general attitude of humanity, at least humanity in first world countries. Have you ever noticed how obsessed our American culture is with weather? Not that it isn't important but instead of being a tad relational or just listen to others we need to talk and because we don't always have something to talk about the weather is our go-to subject, no matter how taboo it is.
Most of the general populace is not pleased with the weather, the outcome is too hot, too cold, too rainy, or windy or snowy or foggy or bright or gray or ice or humid..on rare occasion are we as a culture satisfied with the weather of the day. If you take the weather at face value and just see the elements as elements then of course you will complain. The elements seem to be something that can not be controlled.

As I returned home from the gym this morning there was rain falling and my mind and mouth said "I wish it wasn't raining" then I stopped and thought that through rain and gray comes good things...growth.
Without the gray days and rain things wouldn't grow, new life wouldn't happen.
This seems so parallel to the storms, troubles, trials in life. The sweetest thing about that is this: storms and gray days do not last for long, some are longer then others.In Noahs case forty days and forty nights was the length of the "storm", praise God that a storm such as that won't happen again.
Even for Noah, God had a promise, a blessing and a covenant. I look at the rain and feel a little sad,
because the gray and gloominess just seems depressing..but I know it is momentary.
Just as my problems, trials, struggles. My God pours down blessings on me in the midst of this.

After awhile there was thunder and lightening, oh the power of it! A thought came to mind as I was listening to the thunder.
I could make a lot of noise
but I could never be as loud as thunder,
I could find a lot of water
but never satisfy the earth.
What power and care God has, I was overcome by a sense of peace and thankfulness today as I pondered the love and power of God.

God is good,
so good!

Oh Father God,
how sweet it is to be loved by You
and to know Your care,
Your protection and Your power.
How amazing Your works!

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  1. That is so good! Our God is good and He does good...even in the rain.