Thursday, March 15, 2012


For the last 10 or more summers I have been involved with a particular ministry, 
this summer that all changes.
This summer will be different then any other summer,
the schedule will be different.
My sister and I have felt led to go to South Africa for two weeks to work with Impact Africa.
My sister did a two month internship with this ministry last summer.
I would have loved to go for a longer time but due to scheduling we are only able to go for two weeks.

The last two summers my sister has come back from Africa changed. 
Telling many stories of what she had seen and what God had done in and through her.
I am so thrilled to be going to the same places where she has seen God work in mighty ways.
I am excited to be in a different ministry environment,
experience a different culture and be blown away for what God will do.

There is much to do before we head to South Africa,
thankfully I shouldn't have to get shots and I already have a passport!
Will you be willing to pray for my sister and I as we prepare for South Africa?


-Shack to shack ministry
-Sharing the gospel in squatter camps
-Helping in a women's conference

-God would provide the financial needs in order to go to South Africa.
-Our hearts would be set on Jesus as we prepare to go. The point in going is to love on the people we meet, share who Jesus is with them and to show them the hope that Jesus brings. We desire to be prepared for what God has and not let our personal "ideas" or expectations get in the way of what God has planned.
-There might be others who would desire to go and serve as well.
-God would move in the hearts of the people we come in contact.

For more info about South Africa and what is going on within her heart, 
you can visit the blog of my sister here


  1. oh, sweetie, i will def keep you guys in my prayers! youre doing a great thing, and im sure god has foreseen every obstacle and laid out a path for you guys.... for HIS glory!

    Thanks so much for linking up:)

    1. Thanks, we actually went on the trip.
      here are the links to the posts about it.