Tuesday, March 20, 2012

dawning java

{dawning java}
pretty much the morning coffee, first coffee of the day, virtual coffee.
I love what amy @ Lucky No.13 does on Tuesdays.
Virtual coffee, a time where she shares her heart or just what is going on in her life...
as though you are sitting down for coffee with her.

Now me being me, I love the idea but I don't want to steal her great idea,
so I came up with my twist.
So here it goes, installment #1 of "dawning java"

My coffee today was plan, folgers, coffee but since I can't handle plain, black coffee I always reach for creamer. My usual is Almond Joy, but today I opted for "fat free, skinny white chocolate mocha" and a drop or {three} of soy milk....
That coffee was the BOMB!
Starts off the day right (wells sort of starts off)
[BTW...by the time I had my coffee today, I had already ben up for a couple of hours, been to the gym, started laundry &
started my breakfast of..
.:Baked oatmeal:.
This is the recipe I used, but I didn't have nuts so that didn't get it nor did I have chocolate chips.
Nuts aren't my fav, the only nut I might put in would be almonds. I also added apples, it was pretty tasty!]

Ok enough of getting side tracked...
If we were really having coffee I would probably tell you about my day, since I am writing this at almost 11PM this is what you get.
 I did some cleaning & took some photos.
Finally folded & put away clean laundry.
I have been trying some new things with photography.
on Saturday I took some photos in Flint
( & in my opinion)
I thought they were pretty snazzy!
I use my long lense,
look straight into the sun,
make sure the ISO is at lowest,
& the F/stop is like 1/22
& the shutter speed was 1/4000.
I think shooting the sky in these settings
 make it a tad more interesting.
I would probably tell you of my struggles
& ask what yours are.
What is God doing in your life?
I know God is teaching my about humility
& contentment...
Why is it when someone who struggles with those things,
especially in the area of contentment,
people always say..
"be content"
I want to raise my hand & sweetly say
"Um..excuse, that doesn't really help me.
Be content, how do you be content?"

I would love your thoughts on this.
I know contentment isn't being happy about everything,
sometimes I just really need that encouragment.

Be encouraged dear one,
I am seeking Jesus & His heart for me.

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