Monday, March 12, 2012

Alive & relevant

Throughout my day today I was listening to sermons from Mars Hill Church, the sermons were by Mark Driscoll & other pastors from that church. I use to do this often but I haven't done it recently. So in my attempts to get ready for the say and study for a Greek exam I listened to three or four sermsons, the following are notes I made with my additional comments:

fruit of the spirit...
don't just do it, be it.

hypocrisy is walking away from Jesus, not running to him.
Walking through life you get "dirt" on your feet. {SINS}
Being a "christian hypocrite" happens...but not the way that the world thinks.
Because we are all humans, sinners save by grace, we do wrong.
When you become a christian it doesn't mean you become perfect, or that all of a sudden life just works out and you get everything you want.
What happens is this: a human, sinner by nature humbles themselves before God, admits his or her need and becomes forgiven...not perfect.

Dont live in fear of doing something wrong,
Live prayerfully that sin  is not terminal.
God is a loving gracious God, a forgiving God.

Lord, let my faith be bigger then my sin.
Let me return in midst if identity crisis.
Keep me in tact, let me return
May my sins not be terminal,
when I do wrong, may I run to You,
confess and ask forgiveness.

What is really awesome  is that these notes and some of what I have been going through lately came into play tonight during chapel at work (womens shelter). I was able to make comments in chapel and speak with a young mom who seems to have similar struggles, just like 2 Corinthians 1 says.

God is good!
I was so encouraged in chapel beacuse ladies were asking questions, making things come alive and relevant.

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