Friday, March 16, 2012


Tonight I had a 7yr old girl helping me fold laundry. She was making me laugh.
She said she had 5 crushes, Justin Beiber, Jonas Brothers and some other guy. This girl told me that it's hard have a boyfriend, the girls be always screaming when the baby comes.

She also told me I remind her of Ms. Beth, I told her I was Ms. Beth....she was blown away.

As we were putting the laundry away she saw a ceiling tile was gone, she asked what it was.
So many kids ask me that. I always tell them it is where all the bad kids get sucked up when they don't listen to their moms or when they are mean to their moms. They get sucked up to the 3rd floor where it's so magical it's like Disney. They get straightened out and get sent back. (After a few minutes I tell them I am joking so they aren't freaked out) this girl was trippin...she said she was all fearful, but we set things straight.

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