Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heart of wisdom.

I stand in awe at the sovereignty of my God.
In a time where I feel so inadequate, hopeless, sad & forgotten
God can use me.
How unworthy I am.
Tonight I was speaking with a guest about my experience of being home schooled.
As we were talking another guest came into the hallway.
This particular guest is a lesbian & is a fighter to her core.
If you mess with her she will take you down.
 As these ladies & I were talking I shared a little bit of my story with them.
I told the fighter how I use to be very much like her,
I was a fighter, not so much a physical fighter but a verbal fighter.
Backing down did not happen,
apologizing did not happen,
admitting I was wrong did not happen.
One of the guests told me she could not believe that I was an arguer or a fighter.
(I told her to ask my sister.)
By the grace of God,
a lot of falling from pride
& attitude adjustments
God has changed me.

When I don't feel like I measure up to much at all,
when I feel like I have nothing to offer,
Jesus uses what He brought me from.

Glory to Him!
Teach me to number my days,
so I may gain a heart of wisdom.
A humble, servant heart.