Friday, October 12, 2012

Fridays Letters

dear weather shape up! I need some nice, sun-shiny (non-rainy) weather Sunday & next Saturday.
dear God the weather isn't co-operating, can You please tweak it for a few hours Sunday & next Saturday? dear work I was really irritated & grumpy yesterday, but you were also the same way, please let tonight be a good night & pleasantly not annoying, thanks. dear free Saturday I just met you and this is crazy lets be really productive maybe? dear God I am begging You for some direction, a map, some answers, something. I'm tired of feeling like I'm living in the dark.
dear friends at some point I will write an actual post, I have some legit ideas, but no time to form those legit ideas into words. dear car (Olivia) I'm starting this thing this week called "pick up my trash when exiting the vehicle" sorry you were a little trashed for a bit. dear fall leaves you are beautiful. dear God thank you for the beauty of each season.
(*I feel like there could be a Biblical analogy, I'll work on it..)
dear self seriously get that funky attitude outta here, ain't no body got time for that! Also why so self conscious? Why so insecre? As a great MAD TV (I think) skit once put it "Don't be insecure gurl, you own that (ponytail)!!" dear H&H thanks girls for the afternoon of photo taking, even though I felt so so so awkward & nervous being photographed.



  1. Your Mad TV quote made me laugh really hard. :-D Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks! It's from a video on Youtube called "can I have yo number" there is some curse words in it but the video is rather humorous!