Friday, November 9, 2012

Fridays Letters

dear election I am glad it is over. dear believers I found myself being very disappointed with yall during & after the election. Bashing & saying hateful things is completely unnecessary. I find it a tad amusing observing all the cries out to God since Tuesday. I believe they might have doubled or tripled beyond what I had observed before. Like we didn't need God before, but now that Obama will be President, again, everyone all of a sudden is freaked out. Seriously, a major part of the body of Christ has not acted accordingly. I don't say this to judge, I am guilty at times for saying things I shouldn't. Can we get it together & pray.
dear phone I was so excited to finally get a new one (no iphone, an andriod, this girl ain't got money for an iphone... i wish) can you please, please just let me activate you & not be so diffilcult. dear mess & chaos I'm so over it, why do I have so much junk? like for real....

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