Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks giving.

day #1

Thanksgiving was good.
Better then I expected.
Different then normal.

*Pumpkin Chai Latte*
with whipped cream & carmel.

(*feel free to copy & paste this image to your desktop for personnel use.
All I ask is that you do not take the credit for it.*)

Ok, to the actual post. I love the idea of blogging but I have never been able to make myself keep at it for very long. Today I am intending to start a thirty day challenge of posting each day. I see things that inspire me all the time. Etsy has so many things that I want to do. This blog (click --> so many awesome ideas too.
I just want to be crafty & artsy....

no joke.

God has given me many passions over the years, my problem is that I have yet to find a way to channel those passions & do all of them, any ideas?

I love

I am very thankful for these passions, because I do enjoy them. I often forget the many blessings God has given me, & I take them for granted. Sometimes I feel like my view of God is off or twisted, I don't know why or what happened. I think my personality & culture has twisted my the way I see things. Gods word says:
" joyful always, pray continually & give thanks..."
This is my goal...maybe I shall add this to my challenge...good idea?

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