Thursday, September 27, 2012

Part of letting go...

You'll have to excuse me, I am about to do something I have never done before;
but maybe it's necessary every now and then, to let go & try not to control everything. 
Lately I feel like everything has been crazy busy,
I've been running here & there,
editing like a mad women!
As of last week I had five shoots to edit
& added another Saturday.
I've made progress on that...
Once I finished one, two others were completed.
I love photography,
but I hate the stress of deadlines;
especially when people keep bothering me about it.
As much as I would love it,
photography is not my main job
& I only have so much time.
Before going to South Africa
& since coming back I have been under a lot of pressure.
Some of it is brought upon by my own doing
& the expectations I seem to have for myself.
Which makes that pressure totally unnessessary.
When one puts so much expectation on oneself,
guilt is inevitable.
I need to practice being more of a "Mary" then a "Martha"
(Luke 10:38-42)
Martha is a doer, a full schedule, active, planner, Type A, task orientated, all about the presents for Jesus rather then Mary who is concerned with the presence of Jesus.
Mary is contemplative, word based, Type B, relational, full heart.
Don't get me wrong, the Bible says "...but be ye doers of the Word not hearers only."
so there is something to be said about accomplishing things,
but when you run & run & run for God but never have time with the Lord,
you might as well be a hearer only & you (I am included) decieve yourself.
This has been something God has been teaching me for some time!
Since returning from Africa God has been pointing things out in my life that He is working on. For awhile I was so focused on "these things I have to work on" but as I was talking with a friend, I felt discouraged, my friend suggested that I look at it as things God is developing in me. God has been developing a lot, it's rough!
If you try to be both a "Mary" & "Martha" you are exhausted, a "Martha's" day begins early in the morning & goes until sundown, trying to squeeze a "Mary" moment (prayerful time with the Lord) it's not worth anything.
Lord, give me a "Mary's heart" & "Martha's hands",
help me to let go of the unimportant & get my priorities in order.
I've also been reading (yes, reading! btw if you didn't know, I rarely read anything but the Bible. Not that nothing else is worth reading, I just don't have time.)I
've been reading "Radical" by David Platt,
if you haven't read it, go find it and read it.
This book will wreck your life & your view of "the church".
But I'll get into that & what it says at a later time...
but seriously, go read it!
One thing I have made time for, other then editing, is cooking/baking with my dear friend Heather.
She was in Mozambique all summer so our days of cooking & baking took a 3 month sabatical.
Since she came back we have had 3 days together of baking & cooking gooness.
We've made Blueberry cupcakes with lemond curd,
pumpkin cinnamon rolls, lettuce wraps. We tried making a spinach/tomato orzo soup, it was more like an orzo dish with no broth...oops!
This week we made baked apples with an oatmeal, struesel topping.
Spinach/feta bake.
The baked apples were so easy.
This is how it goes...
Large Apples  (I used Gala appples)
*We cut the apples in half & used a small ice cream scoop to take out the core/stem & make a "bowl" for the topping to go in.
*for the topping I mixed butter, oatmeal, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, ginger & all spice together. (I didn't have quite enough butter so I added some EVOO)
I used the small ice cream scoop to scoop the topping onto the apples,
then baked them @ 350 for about 35 min.
They came out so great! Tastes like apple crisp, with more apple. 
| Spinach & Feta Bake | 

This was so good!
1st step: Lightly coat a 9-inch pie plate with cooking spray.
2nd step: In medium sauce pan cook onion & garlic in hot oil until onion is tender.
 3rd step: combine 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup crumbled feta, 1 egg in a bowl & mix it all together.
4th step: combined cooked onions to the mixture of cottage cheese, feta & egg.
5th step: cook spinach in light oil and garlic (we used about12-18 oz of fresh spinach)
6th step: when spinach is cooked combine with the cottage cheese, feta, egg & onion mixture. Mix together & put in 9-inch pie plate.
7th step: mix bread crumbs and parmesan cheese together & sprinkle on top.
8th step: bake @ 350 for 30-35 min.
Makes about 6 servings.
I am not usually a leftovers fan, but for this I was!
*By the way, the thing I did that I have never done before is...
posting photos without editing them.
The photos in the post are 100% unedited, straight from the camera.
(That is so scary to me...)
Honestly, the photos look good {breathe} part of letting go....


  1. Aww shucks :) Thanks for making time for me!! My mom was also delighted with her post :) Your pics are beautiful! XOXO

  2. We are so in similar seasons! I just posted about this on DC!

    (which, as a side note, I would love you to guest post for!)

    You elaborate more than me though. and i love the 'Mary's heart' 'Martha's Hands'comment. So true!

    love it when God does that through blog world! x

    1. Thanks Lauren! I'll will definitely have to check out your post! We could guest post on each others, that would be awesome! Let me an idea of what day!